Thursday, May 5, 2011

New at Knovel: General Engineering and Engineering Management

Stimulating Innovation in Products and Services - With Function Analysis and Mapping
J. Jerry Kaufman; Roy Woodhead

from the back cover:
In this groundbreaking book, internationally acclaimed authors demonstrate that innovation can be mastered via systematic and replicable methods. Following careful instructions and guidelines, readers discover how to foster the ingenuity that resides within all organizations and how it can be most efficiently and effectively used to create value.

Mechanical Behavior of Materials (2nd Edition)
Marc André Meyers; Krishan Kumar Chawla

from the publisher:
A balanced mechanics-materials approach and coverage of the latest developments in biomaterials and electronic materials, the new edition of this popular text is the most thorough and modern book available for upper-level undergraduate courses on the mechanical behavior of materials. To ensure that the student gains a thorough understanding the authors present the fundamental mechanisms that operate at micro- and nano-meter level across a wide-range of materials, in a way that is mathematically simple and requires no extensive knowledge of materials.

Numerical Solution of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations (2nd Edition)

Granville Sewell

from Knovel:
This book provides an introduction of finite difference and finite element methods for the computational solution of ordinary and partial differential equations, appropriate for senior level undergraduate or beginning level graduate students.

High-Temperature Corrosion and Materials Applications
George Y. Lai

Corrosion specialists, design engineers, operations and maintenance managers working with boilers, turbines, and high-temperature processing equipment, or in industries saving energy resources through waste recovery boilers, or working with or supplying corrosion-resistant materials.

Practical Dispersion - A Guide to Understanding and Formulating Slurries
Robert F. Conley

from Knovel:
This is a practical guide to producing slurries more efficiently, intelligently and economically, and is intended for technical personnel in the industries involved with slurry processing.

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