Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Heart-stopping saga and adventure are always on the shelves @ your library

Kill Me If You Can by James Patterson and Marshall Karp

Library Journal -
During an attack on New York's Grand Central Station, hard-up art student Matthew Bannon finds a bag containing $13 million worth of diamonds and takes it. (What's wrong, he hasn't read any thrillers about what happens to the guy who makes off with loot that isn't his?) Soon he's being trailed by the Ghost, an assassin who just rubbed out a high-ranking member of the Diamond Syndicate and was supposed to retrieve the gems. And he's being trailed by a rival assassin. Yet another biggie. Interesting tidbit: Patterson was the first writer in the world to sell one million ebooks.

Now You See Her by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

From Barnes & Noble -
With a thriving legal practice and a beautiful young daughter, Nina Bloom is the envy of other New Yorkers; but what her friends don't realize is that she's been hiding a dangerous secret for nearly two decades. In James Patterson's latest novel, Nina's secrets and lie come back to haunt her in a frightening way. The arrest of an innocent man for murder pricks her conscience and she realizes that she must put everything, even her life, on the line. Action-packed with twists and turns worthy of Hitchcock.

Only Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer

Publishers Weekly -

With his latest, Archer (Honor Among Thieves) delivers another page-turning, heart-stopping saga, with delightful twists, and a surprise ending. This first title from the Clifton Chronicles introduces readers to Harry Clifton, a boy growing up in Bristol whose father mysteriously died a full year before his birth, supposedly killed in WWI. Though Harry dreams of becoming a stevedore like his Uncle Stan, crazy Old Jack Tar shows Harry the truths of the stevedore life and becomes his surrogate father. After hearing an angelic treble voice, Harry decides to join the choir and learns to read. The choir in turn gains him a scholarship to boys' boarding school St. Bede's—a gateway to the life his mother wants for him, far from the harbor and shipping industry. He meets scholarly Deakins and wealthy Giles Barrington, who become his best friends, and the three strive to gain acceptance to Bristol Grammar School. Though Giles' father has a particular aversion to Harry, the boys' friendship proves stronger than any paternal dictates. While Archer hasn't revealed how many books will make up this saga (which will span one hundred years), readers will surely wait for the next with bated breath. 

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