Monday, January 16, 2012

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Son of Stone by Stuart Woods

Kirkus Reviews - 

New York super-lawyer Stone Barrington's teenaged son comes to live with him. Wait, there's less, much less.

Naturally, the kid is a genius: handsome, charming, courteous, already at 15 a precocious filmmaker who graduated from high school early because they'd run out of things to teach him. How could he miss, with parents like Stone (Bel-Air Dead,2011, etc.) and Arrington Calder, the movie actress Stone impregnated shortly before she was swept off her feet and to the nuptial bed by legendary star Vance Calder? Swiftly recovering from his initial jitters about parenthood, Stone buys Peter new clothes, lays some fatherly advice on him and takes him to a board meeting of Centurion Studios, where Peter passes a rough cut of his amateur movie on to CEO Leo Goldman Jr., who's eager to buy it outright. With a little help from his friends, Stone helps Peter change his name to Barrington, backdates his birth certificate two years, helps him get into exclusive Knickerbocker Hall and greases the path to the Yale Drama School. While he's at it, he proposes marriage to Arrington, who's traveled to New York to help Peter get settled, warm Stone's bed and incidentally escape from Prof. Timothy Rutledge, the jealous architect who designed her house in Virginia and warmed her own bed. So many scenes pass without casting a shadow over the new family's happiness, as in a Care Bears story, that you just know something bad must be looming, and finally, in Chapter 50, it arrives. Fortunately, the characters pull themselves together manfully with the help of some philosophical reflections, a convenient .45 and a fresh infusion of cash.

Further proof, if the series needed it, that there's no lifecycle trauma that won't yield to the power of money, contacts and bling.

The Tehran Initiative by Joel C. Rosenberg

Library Journal - 

In this follow-up to The Twelfth Imam, CIA operative David Shirazi continues to work undercover to glean information about Iran's plan to eradicate Israel and the United States through a nuclear attack. In Tehran, the Twelfth Imam has emerged, attracting those Muslims who believe him to be the messiah and call for the destruction of those who would oppose them. VERDICT With a likable hero, this high-octane thriller revolves around a timely topic. The author commendably avoids painting all Muslims as enemies. A good pick for Ted Dekker and Oliver North fans.

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