Friday, January 27, 2012

Romance bestsellers are waiting for you @ your library

Bonnie by Iris Johansen

Library Journal –

Eve Duncan's relentless search for her kidnapped little girl, Bonnie, has led her to New Orleans and a man from both her and Bonnie's father's past. As she and her cohorts—longtime boyfriend, detective Joe Quinn, CIA agent Catherine Ling, and Bonnie's father—investigate the background of this man, they uncover psychiatric memory experimentation, government cover-ups, and bribery. Only when Eve's life is in mortal danger does a priest who knows the secrets of the man they are looking for agree to help. This third and final installment in the Eve Duncan trilogy (Eve; Quinn) drags on for about 100 pages too long and loses the success of its earlier parts with too many twists that are remedied too easily. VERDICT Johansen's fans will be excited to have a definitive ending to Eve's story. However, this title lacks the punch of a work of suspense or a thriller. -Amanda Scott, Cambridge Springs P.L., PA

Goddess of Vengeance by Jackie Collins

Kirkus Reviews -

All plotlines lead to Vegas in this latest installment of Collins' saga of the irrepressible and seemingly immortal Lucky Santangelo.

Lucky is convening her family at The Keys, her lavish hotel/casino/condo empire in Las Vegas.The occasion is the 18th birthday of Max, her daughter with latest husband (and soul mate) Lennie.Son Bobby, wildly successful as a nightclub impresario and heir to the fortune of his late father, a Greek shipping magnate, frets about introducing his girlfriend Denver, a prosecuting attorney, to his family for the first time.The family reunion, however glitzy, is only a setup for Collins' trademark seamy subplots. The author excels at portraying villains her fans love to hate, and in this outing she does not disappoint.Billionaire ArmandJordan, son of King Emir of the fictitious Gulf state Akramshar, is not merely a misogynist but a rapist.Although he has a wife and family back in Akramshar, he prefers to hire elite call girls and debase them in the vilest ways possible.Armand's most recent obsession is his drive to possess Las Vegas' most opulent real estate:The Keys.Undeterred by Lucky's outraged refusal to sell, Armand goes to Vegas determined to change her mind, but his ex-showgirl mother Peggy, whom he detests, insists on tagging along.Before joining King Emir's harem, Peggy had an unforgettable one-night stand with Gino, Lucky's father, in his mafia kingpin days.Could Gino, now in his 90s, actually be Armand's father?Max eagerly sheds her virginity with movie star Billy Melina.Max and Billy may be star-crossed lovers, but will Lucky approve?Especially since Billy is embroiled in a messy divorce battle with Lucky's best friend? All of the thrills swirl around Lucky, now more matriarchal figurehead (albeit one still endowed with raven hair, silken skin and an unflagging libido) than major player.Still, when Lucky's precious Keys is threatened, her street-fighter instincts resurface, sparking the novel's over-the-top but enjoyable climax.

Unapologetic thrills with oodles of flash.

Hotel Vendome by Danielle Steel

Kirkus Reviews - 

Can a jilted husband and abandoned daughter learn to trust again and even find true love? The latest offering from Steel (Legacy, 2010, etc.) spins the romantic tale of a young girl growing up in a posh hotel with her kind father. Hugues Martin strides into this novel as the perfect romantic hero. Passionate about his calling, he has trained at the best schools, interned at the best hotels, invested his inheritance wisely, and fate offers him the chance of a lifetime, which he, of course, seizes. He purchases and renovates a small, forgotten hotel in New York. Under Hugues, this small hotel becomes the exquisite Hotel Vendôme. Décor is elegant, spa services luxurious, employees capable and security discreet. In this castle he lives with his supermodel wife and lovely daughter, Heloise (references to Eloise at the Plaza are discouraged). Until bad-boy rock-star Greg Bones comes to stay and steals Hugues' wife. After Miriam's departure, Hugues becomes both father and mother for his daughter, raising her with great care. Like his hotel, Heloise is perfect, taking care of not only her father but also the homeless. Potential villains (such as a gold-digging catering manager) are quickly unmasked and sent packing before inflicting any lasting harm. Devoted to his daughter, Hugues keeps his affairs superficial, yet he deserves the love of a good woman. As the story unfolds, both father and daughter find themselves transformed. A novel that will appeal to the most dedicated of Steel's fans.

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