Monday, April 9, 2012

Another batch of bestsellers are waiting for you.... @ your library

The Obamas by Jodi Kantor

Library Journal –

Washington correspondent for the New York Times, as well as its Arts & Leisure editor, Kantor would seem to have both the knowledge and the sensibility to portray the President and the First Lady as they try to lead a normal life and raise their kids in a house that can't quite feel like home. Kantor's cover story on the Obamas' marriage for the New York Times Magazine was a big hit. So, not a political treatise but no powder-puff job either.

Raylan by Elmore Leonard

Publishers Weekly –

MWA Grand Master Leonard’s fast-paced, darkly humorous third crime novel starring straight-shooting, supercool U.S. marshal Raylan Givens (after 1995’s Riding the Rap) pits Givens, a former coal miner from Harlan County, Ky., against three very different female crooks—a transplant nurse illegally harvesting organs, a viperous coal company vice president, and a poker-playing Butler University coed, who may or may not be robbing banks to support her habit. The author’s trademark witty dialogue and adeptness at developing quirky, memorable characters overshadows the novel’s plot, which reads like a series of interconnected short stories. For example, the plights of perpetually stoned dope dealers Dickie and Coover Crowe; their infamous father, Pervis “Speed” Crowe; and out-of-work miner Otis Culpepper serve to highlight the economic issues affecting Kentucky coal country. Readers will want to see more of the endearing Givens, the focal character of Justified, the popular FX TV series that starts its third season in early 2012. 

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