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Books on the economic crisis can be found @ your library

The Real Crash: America's Coming Bankruptcy---How to Save Yourself and Your Country by Peter Schiff

Kirkus Reviews –

Schiff (Crash Proof 2.0, 2007, etc.) offers a controversial set of remedies for the economic crash he believes is still on the horizon. The author, who ran in Connecticut's Republican Primary for U.S. Senate and advised Ron Paul's presidential campaign in 2008, makes no bones about his political agenda. For him, the coming bankruptcy of the United States is the main driver of ongoing economic crisis and the top issue on the political agenda. "The U.S.A. is insolvent," he writes, "and should enter the sovereign equivalent of Chapter 11 bankruptcy." Schiff concedes that the measures he proposes will be painful. Among them, he advocates abolishing the payroll tax that pays for Medicare and Social Security, repealing the minimum wage, killing unemployment insurance "to allow wages to fall," eliminating the FDIC and getting rid of other regulatory bodies or making them "optional." The author insists that "lower wages" would mean a better quality of life, and he proposes long-term changes as these shock-therapy quick fixes take hold, directing his fire against primary education and the college system, which for the most part "wastes everyone's time and money." Schiff consistently claims that to secure protection against the disasters looming ahead from debt growth and dollar devaluation, the need is for "shorting the U.S. government"--he recommends investing in gold-mining stocks and foreign currencies like the Chinese RMB. The author also opposes the war on drugs and favors legalizing prostitution and gambling. Caveat lector. The inclusion of contact information for Schiff's various investment companies highlights the element of self-promotion for both his businesses and the political approach he advocates.

Winner Take All: China's Race for Resources and What It Means for the World by Dambisa Moyo

Kirkus Reviews –

Moyo (How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead, 2012, etc.) warns about the dangers of international conflicts over land and resources. Though she is concerned that "the world…remains largely ill-prepared for the challenges of resource scarcity and the evolving dynamics around China's central role," the author sharply disagrees with those who assert that China is making an imperial-style grab for raw materials. She asserts that China's policy is different and compares statements of leaders and partners from different countries as proof. China is obtaining access to resources to maintain the growth of its own economy, writes the author, who shows how the country's leaders are prepared to offer money, roads, railways, schools and hospitals in exchange. Moyo contrasts what the Chinese call a "win for all involved" approach with the colonialist approach. She writes that if Western countries "are to have any semblance of standing in the emerging world," they must cease depending on their traditional policy tools. The author compares current global consumption of foodstuffs, fuel sources and major industrial raw materials with China's consumption of the same materials and contends that China's buying power is comparable, on the level of the global economy, to the effect of Wal-Mart's purchasing policies within the U.S. ("one buyer faces many sellers"). Moyo fears that China may be operating in an international "legal vacuum," and she discusses the relation between resource supply and demand and financial markets. Written to clarify important global questions, this book deserves a wide audience.

Screwed!: How Foreign Countries Are Ripping America Off and Plundering Our Economy-and How Our Leaders Help Them Do It by Dick Morris

From Publisher –

The bestselling authors return with a blistering exposé of how America is being ripped off by friends and enemies alike—with the help of our own ruling elites.

Our jobs go to China. Foreign aid goes to our enemies. Pakistan uses our money to fund terrorists who attack us. Saudi Arabia, which our soldiers have defended with their lives, funds 90 percent of the world's Islamic fundamentalism. The UN is awash in corruption; its bureaucrats steal the money we give it with total impunity. Fifteen hundred brave American soldiers have died defending the regime in Afghanistan—rated the second-most corrupt in the world!
Meanwhile, European bankers and bureaucrats are taking over our economy and preempting our sovereignty.

How do they get away with it? By hiring our own political leaders, as soon as they leave office, to lobby for them to rip us off. Former House Democratic leader Dick Gephardt, for example, sits on the board of an American affiliate of a Chinese company that has been denied the right to operate in the United States because it steals our technology. Former House Republican Appropriations Committee chairman Bob Livingstone represented Libya until just before Gaddafi fell. And we have a president who willingly obliges countries that poach on our sovereignty, refusing to stand up for our interests and our jobs as they confiscate half the royalties from our offshore energy, subject our elected leaders to criminal prosecution if they go to war without UN approval, and tell us what kind of land-use policies we should pursue.
In Screwed!, bestselling authors Dick Morris and Eileen McGann lay bare the unvarnished facts as never before and suggest real, immediate, and specific steps to stop those who undermine our interests and take away our jobs. In the same vein as their previous crusading books—Catastrophe, Fleeced, and Outrage—Morris and McGann have documented, in great depth and detail, exactly how the United States is getting screwed, and how to stop it. They dig up the facts, name names, point fingers, and suggest concrete solutions—independent of partisan politics.

The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama's War on the Republic by David Limbaugh

From Barnes & Noble –

Conservative political commentator David Limbaugh doesn't mince words. He insists that Barack Obama and his leftist henchmen have set out to transform our republic into a government that bleeds the economy and sucks out our freedoms. The Great Destroyer exposes the half-hidden agenda of an administration that Rush's brother claims is intent on undermining our free market economy and our national defense. Combative words for a presidential season.

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