Monday, February 4, 2013

With titles like these you can't go wrong!

Cold Days (Dresden Files Series #14) by Jim Butcher

Kirkus Reviews –

After several months being mostly dead (Ghost Story, 2011, etc.), Chicago wizard Harry Dresden's back in his body…and of course, back in trouble in the 14th Dresden Files novel. Harry's attempt to have himself killed and thus avoid becoming Queen Mab's champion/assassin, the Winter Knight, has failed, and his first target is Mab's daughter, Maeve. That means he must figure out how to kill an immortal faerie while defending himself against the vicious, treacherous nobles of the Winter Court and the suspicions of the Summer Court. Harry also learns the disturbing true nature of Demonreach, the sentient island in Lake Michigan now under threat from the demonic Outsiders. If he is to surmount these multiple crises in the next 24 hours, he'll have to regain the trust of his old friends and allies and master the skills and unsettling desires associated with the Winter Knight's mantle. Harry's struggle to reconnect with his friends, in the wake of their devastation at his death, the progress they've made without him, and their fear of what he's become, are very real and poignant. Butcher also plots a long, long game, beautifully integrating small elements from the very first installment onward and gradually revealing their significance. But given that he tries to be so careful about these details, it is a shame that he isn't assisted by more rigorous copy editing to clean up the continuity errors which continue to riddle the series. For example, it would be lovely if Butcher would explain how faeries, for whom the merest touch of iron and its alloys causes searing pain, can drive/ride in cars and operate various types of guns. None of that, however, will stop readers from grabbing ringside seats the next time Harry Dresden goes forth to stop the apocalypse.

Dogfight: The 2012 Presidential Campaign in Verse by Calvin Trillin

From Barnes & Noble –

In 2008, Calvin Trillin courted election watchers with the witty political verse of Deciding the Decider. That collection earned bipartisan plaudits, but it is no match for Dog Fight, his poetic reprise of the 2012 presidential race. We're not questioning The Nation poet laureate's versifying ability in the earlier book; we're simply noting that for sheer surrealism; the 2012 campaign has been a nonstop festival of zingers, bloopers, and surprises. Trillin captures it all in humorous poems that will convince losers and winners that it was worth it after all.

The Forgotten by David Baldacci

Library Journal –

Last year's first John Puller thriller debuted in the top spot on the New York Times best sellers list, so fans will be waiting for this second in the series. Here, Puller doesn't believe that his Aunt Betsy's drowning death in her backyard pool was an accident—she sent a letter before she died saying that something was scaring her—and starts investigating.

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