Friday, November 28, 2014

Avoid the stores. Stay home with these new bestsellers

Rocks: My Life in and out of Aerosmith by Joe Perry with David Ritz

Founding member and lead guitarist of American rock band Aerosmith details his life and times in this autobiography.

One of rock's most enduring and popular bands, Aerosmith has managed the unlikely feat of recording top hits across several decades, gaining a loyal army of fans while failing to win over the acclaim of music critics. Readers of rock autobiographies will find much familiar material here, as early struggles give way to staggering success and the accompanying roller coaster of sex, drugs, rehab, internal band squabbling, villainous management and more. This is well-trod but mostly entertaining ground, and Perry—with the assistance of veteran music writer and ghostwriter Ritz (co-author: Glow: The Autobiography of Rick James, 2014, etc.)—does a decent job keeping things moving.

Much like Aerosmith's career, this candid memoir will be cheered by fans, but rock critics will likely be underwhelmed.

Dancing with Myself by Billy Idol

Idol has been talking about his new autobiography, “Dancing With Myself,” a 300-plus-page tome, much of which functions as a cautionary tale on the hazards of extreme drug abuse.

Even so, the book takes a key turn from the usual rock star confessionals. While most such works start with hair-raising tales of inebriated excess, only to end up with the star swearing off the stuff for good, Idol’s book turns vague about the clean-up phase. It’s a refreshingly honest disclosure, much in keeping with the tone of the entire book…

“I’m the protagonist of my own book, but I’m not the hero,” Idol says. “Like all of us, I’m just someone struggling through.”

 - NY Daily News         

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