Monday, November 24, 2014

Pick up a new bestseller for the upcoming long weekend.

Lila by Marilynne Robinson

"Ever since the publication of Robinson’s thrilling first novel, Housekeeping, reviewers have been pointing out that, for an analyst of modern alienation, she is an unusual specimen: a devout Protestant, reared in Idaho. She now lives in Iowa City, where she teaches at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and where, for years, she has been accustomed to interrupting her career as a novelist to produce essays on such matters as the truth of John Calvin’s writings. But Robinson’s Low Church allegiance has hugely benefitted her fiction . . . This is an unflinching book."

Deadline by John Sandford

There are plenty of fictional cops and private eyes with anger issues, woman troubles and drinking problems. And then there's Virgil Flowers…He leaves the big-time crime-busting to his boss in Minneapolis, Lucas Davenport…so he can grab the fun assignments for himself…Despite Virgil's casual air, Sandford's humor isn't flip. He sees Trippton's battered trailer homes, the live pit bulls and dead cars in the yards and the no-trespassing signs at the gates, along with all the signs of misery other regional authors record in their novels. But there's compassion in his gaze and genuine affection in his raucous laughter.

Bones Never Lie by Kathy Reichs

In bestseller Reichs’s exciting, if overly complex, 17th novel featuring Temperance Brennan (after 2013’s Bones of the Lost), the forensic anthropologist attends a meeting at the Law Enforcement Center in Charlotte, N.C., at which Vermont detective Umparo Rodas presents DNA evidence linking the unsolved murder of an 11-year-old Charlotte girl to Canadian serial killer Anique Pomerleau, who managed to elude Brennan and her superior, lead detective Andrew Ryan, in 2004’s Monday Mourning. Brennan first has to find Ryan, who has withdrawn from the world, and persuade him to return to find Pomerleau. Tie-ins with other old cases, signs that the killer is targeting Brennan’s own neighborhood, and Brennan’s skill at interpreting confusing, potentially misleading forensic evidence build the suspense. Brennan’s strained relations with Ryan, the antics of crass detective Erskine “Skinny” Slidell, and the uncanny aid provided by Brennan’s mother, Daisy, provide grist for series fans when Brennan finally unmasks a surprising killer.

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