Friday, March 13, 2015

Spend the weekend with one of these new bestsellers

The Reaper: Autobiography of One of the Deadliest Special Ops Snipers by Nicholas Irving and Gary Brozek

“Gung-ho account of a sniper's time in Afghanistan….Irving…is adept at discussing the uncompromising minutiae of weapons, tactics and battle staging, the lifeblood of the elite sniper fraternity.”

The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist's Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults by Frances E. Jensen and Amy Ellis Nutt

It's not really news that the brain continues to develop well into the early 20s. Scholars and journalists have long written about the "unfinished" nature of the teen brain. … Jensen, with the assistance of Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post writer Nutt lays out the way human brains develop: "back to front" with the impulse-controlling, executive-functioning circuits of the frontal lobe coming in last. … Jensen ably explains neurons, synapses, neurotransmitters and so on, offering a vocabulary that provides scaffolding for understanding how the brain grows. The prevalence of medical terminology may engage some readers, but it could easily put off parents who pick up the book based on its subtitle. …  Parents and teens may balk at the heavily risk-oriented perspective Jensen takes throughout, which gives regrettably short shrift to the more positive flip side of the teen scene: extraordinary creativity, energy and learning capacity.

The Train to Crystal City: FDR's Secret Prisoner Exchange Program and America's Only Family Internment Camp During World War II by Jan Jarboe Russell

Soon after the nation entered the war, Franklin Roosevelt empowered FBI director J. Edgar Hoover to find and arrest Japanese, Germans and Italians—immigrants, their wives and their American-born children—in the United States and Latin America so that they could be "a ready source of exchange" for Americans imprisoned in enemy countries. … Based in part on interviews with camp survivors, Russell documents in chilling detail a shocking story of national betrayal.

The Beatles Lyrics: The Stories Behind the Music, Including the Handwritten Drafts of More Than 100 Classic Beatles Songs Edited by Hunter Davies

"Rich with insider authenticity. To paraphrase Walt Whitman, Mr. Davies was the man, he suffered, he was there.... The book itself-with Mr. Davies's expert guidance-gives us a glimpse into genius. No better monument could mark the 50th anniversary of the Beatles arrival in America, nothing, that is, short of coming up with a hitherto lost scrap of paper with a Beatles lyric on it, wittily doodled on."

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