Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Spend the summer with a bestseller

Double Fudge Brownie Murder (Hannah Swensen Series #18) by Joanne Fluke

… Doc Knight has had it with wedding arrangements. So he whisks his fiancee, Delores Swensen, and her adult daughters Michelle, Andrea and Hannah (Blackberry Pie Murder, 2013, etc.) off to Las Vegas for a surprise ceremony in the Little Chapel of the Orchids. The biggest surprise, though, is his choice of best man: filmmaker Ross Barton, an old college crush of Hannah's. This time, Ross more than reciprocates Hannah's interest, and she returns home resolved to dump both of her boyfriends while waiting to see if Ross can land a job at Lake Eden's KCOW Television. But old habits die hard, and pretty soon, she's making Lick Your Chops Pork for dentist Norman Rhodes and detective Mike Kingston while her cat, Moishe, chases Norman's cat, Cuddles, around the dining room table. … Hannah's love life has gotten so complicated that the mystery seems a mere afterthought. Twenty-eight recipes provide further competition.

Endangered (Joe Pickett Series #15) by C. J. Box

Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett's 15th case takes him through some of the darkest days of his checkered career. While Joe's surveying a field in which someone massacred a flock of endangered sage grouse, he gets a call that a young woman's been found in a ditch, badly beaten. Maybe it's not Joe's adopted daughter, April, who ran off with rodeo rider Dallas Cates shortly after her 18th birthday (Stone Cold, 2014). But Joe and his librarian wife, Marybeth, know it is, and of course they're right. … All the action and suspense of Box's long string of high-country adventures, with a solution that's considerably tighter and more satisfying than most of them. One of Joe's best.

Every Day I Fight by Stuart Scott and Larry Platt

"Scott's candor and combative energy are what drives his story...Being a conscientious journalist, Scott diligently, unsparingly reports on what was going on inside his head and in his personal life through treatment, remission and the return of the disease. In recounting every mood swing, every surge of hope and dread, he is imparting a lesson to his daughters, Taelor and Sydni — and to us: 'I want them to take every note of every moment and to make them count.'"

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