Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Don't forget to stop by the library and check out these new bestsellers!

The Bitter Season (Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska Series #5) by Tami Hoag

"This tense psychological thriller shows Hoag at the top of her game."

Dictator (Cicero Series #3) by Robert Harris

Dictator is the work of a novelist who refuses to buy into the fashionable dismissal of politicians as inherently contemptible…To render convincingly a period as remote as that of Cicero's is a stiff challenge for a novelist to meet, but it is the measure of Harris's achievement that we experience a 2,000-year-old crisis as though we were reading about it in a contemporary memoir. He has done prodigious research…Yet the real triumph of Dictator is how successfully it channels what is perhaps the supreme fascination of ancient Rome: the degree to which it is at once eerily like our own world and yet profoundly alien. The challenges faced by Cicero will be recognizable to many a contemporary senator: welfare dependency; the legacy of illegal wars; anxiety that a venerable constitution is no longer fit for its purpose…If it is indeed a mirror that Dictator holds up to the present, then the reflections it offers are unsettling and admonitory. This is historical fiction that is the very opposite of escapist.

Scandalous Behavior (Stone Barrington Series #36) by Stuart Woods

As Stone continues to bed top women, buy every piece of real estate in sight, and vanquish the competition with the wave of a hand, you can't help but be struck by his increasing resemblance to Donald Trump. Or is that suggestion grounds for a libel suit?

The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin

Class, cliques, and cattiness converge in this New York fable based on the lives of Truman Capote and his greatest fan, Babe Paley. … Those unaware of the scandal get CliffsNotes; and everyone else gets a chance to judge whether a swan's muteness can be more interesting than her gripe.

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