Thursday, June 30, 2016

Add these new bestsellers to your summer reading list

Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? by Frans de Waal

“Amazing…. The clarity of [De Waal’s] writing makes for a highly readable book…. a trip to the zoo may never be the same.”

Everybody's Fool by Richard Russo

…in both [Nobody's Fool and Everybody's Fool], the humor is…genial, and it works in service of the characters. Sully in particular emerges as one of the most credible and engaging heroes in recent American fiction…Taken together, at over 1,000 pages, the two Fool books represent an enormous achievement, creating a world as richly detailed as the one we step into each day of our lives. Bath is real, Sully is real, and so is Hattie's and the White Horse Tavern and Miss Peoples's house on Main, and I can only hope we haven't seen the last of them. I'd love to see what Sully's going to be up to at 80.

Everyone Brave Is Forgiven by Chris Cleave

"The London Blitz is cinematically re-imagined in a deeply moving new novel from Chris Cleave. As he did in Little Bee, he places forthright characters in impossible situations in Everyone Brave Is Forgiven,a story set during World War II."

A Gathering of Shadows by V. E. Schwab

An absorbing fantasy adventure set in a world where magic can be a gift—or a weapon. … This sequel to Schwab's A Darker Shade of Magic (2015) expands the world beyond Red London and deepens the appealingly unconventional people that populate it. These rich, lifelike characters draw the reader in and make this well-realized fantasy impossible to put down. Fans of A Darker Shade of Magic will love its sequel, and fantasy fans who haven't yet read the first book in this series should hurry to catch up.

A Girl's Guide to Moving On by Debbie Macomber

“A Girl’s Guide to Moving On is truly a story of love, friendship, hope and a woman’s capacity to make a fresh start. Whether you are in a rock-solid relationship or have faced a break-up or divorce, you are sure to connect with the joys and trials faced by Leanne and Nichole as they support each other in their individual quests for a brighter tomorrow. Readers will find the book full of the tender moments, humor, drama and emotion for which Debbie Macomber’s novels are famous.”

The Last Painting of Sara de Vos by Dominic Smith

"Lovely, quietly resonant . . . Smith [has a] singular gift for conjuring distant histories. In his hands, the damp cobblestones and canals of 1600s Holland and the shabby gentility of Eisenhower-era New York feel as real and tactile and tinged with magic as de Vos’ indelible brushstrokes."

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