Thursday, July 7, 2016

New bestsellers are waiting for you @ your library

15th Affair (Women's Murder Club Series #15) by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

A beautiful blonde with CIA connections slips away after a horrific murder at a luxury hotel, and suddenly Lindsay Boxer's husband is missing, too. Lindsay soon suspects that the two share a secret past and calls out the Women's Murder Club.

The Apartment: A Novel by Danielle Steel

Steel weaves a gripping and notable story of four equally different young women who share a loft apartment in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen. While some characters are given more story time, it’s easy to get invested in all of the characters, their easy camaraderie, their unique personal struggles and heartbreak. … Steel proves once more why her stories are synonymous with timeless romance.

Brush of Wings by Karen Kingsbury

It is not easy to finish a series that has numerous subplots to discover. It’s interesting to see the group of angels trying to help humans who are not aware they are having a divine intervention. Kingsbury peels back the layers of dimensions to allow readers to believe there are angels amongst us, and that they guide us, protect us and, most importantly, pray for us.

Fire Touched (Mercy Thompson Series #9) by Patricia Briggs

Tensions between the fae and humans are reaching a crisis point, and up until now, the werewolves have tried to stay neutral in the battle. The always-awesome Briggs is back with another high-stakes adventure starring coyote shifter Mercy Thompson. Briggs’ careful and layered building of both her world and her characters is an iron-clad guarantee of an outstanding read! Fans will love this one!

The Gangster (Isaac Bell Series #9) by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott

Cussler and Scott did do a wonderful job at placing the reader in the 1900s, painting a great image with accurate visual descriptions.

Private Paris by James Patterson, Mark Sullivan

…[T]he authors weave a fast-paced adventure covering two investigations. Scary possibilities, but good fiction none the less.

The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur's Vision of the Future by Steve Case
The founder of America Online outlines some of the potentialities he sees emerging in the “Internet of Everything.” … [Case] identifies three sectors of economic activity as foci of the coming “Third Wave” of the Internet: health care, education, and food production, processing, and transportation. Each of these represents a partnership between government and the private sector aimed at achieving some public good. … Case’s vision of the future is compelling, but he may be overreaching when he emphasizes functions for third-party apps that could undermine professionally qualified expertise and challenge employment, earnings, and benefits. … Opportunity beckons, and Case ably describes the possibilities, but the price of the chase may harm as well as benefit.

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