Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New on Knovel: Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering

Electric Motors and Drives - Fundamentals, Types and Applications (3rd Edition)
Austin Hughes

from Knovel:
This book explores all of the widely-used modern types of motors and drives and is intended for electrical and mechanical engineers, technicians, managers and students.

Facility Manager’s Handbook
Joseph F. Gustin

from Knovel:
This book addresses key issues the facility manager must address and provides tested ideas, procedures and examples for successfully and cost-effectively managing facility operations.

Product Features from Amazon:
  • Checklist for Existing Facilities: The Americans with Disabilities Act Checklist for Readily Achievable Barrier Removal
  • Building Air Quality Action Plan Verification Checklist
  • Fire/Life/Safety
  • The Safety, Emergency Response & Hazard Communication Planning Program
  • Emergency Response Model Plan AND MORE

Heat Transfer
Gregory Nellis; Sanford Klein

from Knovel:
This book provides engineers with the capability, tools, and confidence to solve real-world heat transfer problems.

Gregory Nellis webpage:
Sanford Klein webpage:

Stainless Steels for Design Engineers
Michael F. McGuire

from Amazon:
This book contains everything engineers and designers need to make sound technical judgments about which stainless steels to use and how to use them. Extensive composition and property information on all five families of stainless steel, including newest alloys is included. Coverage addresses selection for corrosion resistance, processing, and major applications

Industrial and Process Furnaces - Principles, Design and Operation
Peter Mullinger ; Barrie Jenkins

from back cover:
Industrial and Process Furnaces provides a comprehensive reference to all aspects of furnace operation and design, with coverage of key topics that plant and process engineers and operators need to understand, including the combustion process and its control, furnace fuels, efficiency, burner design and selection, aerodynamics, heat release profiles, furnace atmosphere, safety and emissions.

* Helps to understand complex heat and mass transfer and combustion problems
* Outlines the key elements of furnace theory for optimum design
* Shows how to achieve best possible furnace operation
* Practical, stepped approach breaks topics down to their constituent parts for clarity and easier solution
* Practical examples further assist in the analysis of real-world problems

Mechanical Behavior of Materials (2nd Edition)
Marc André Meyers ; Krishan Kumar Chawla

from Knovel:
This book provides a balanced mechanics-materials approach and coverage of the latest developments in biomaterials and electronic materials for upper-level undergraduate students

Design for Manufacturing - A Structured Approach
Corrado Poli

from Knovel:
This book will help engineering students and manufacturing engineers make informed decisions concerning alternative competing part designs.

Author's webpage:

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