Friday, April 15, 2011

Thrills and chills continue in these new Bestsellers!

Kiss Me, Kill Me by Allison Brennan

From the Publisher -

KISS THE GIRLS AND MAKE THEM DIE Lucy Kincaid has firsthand experience dealing with deadly criminal predators, and she’s fully prepared to share her many talents with the FBI. But when her career plans are derailed, her boyfriend, security expert Sean Rogan, asks for help on his latest private investigation. Using her well-honed cyber-hunting skills, Lucy is soon on the trail of a missing teenage girl with a penchant for disappearing—and a shocking secret life.

FBI Agent Suzan

ne Madeaux is also tracking someone: a serial killer on the loose in New York City. Dubbed by the press the Cinderella Strangler, he cruises seamy underground sex parties, where drug-fueled women make for easy pickings. As Lucy and Sean’s desperate search collides with the FBI’s hunt, Lucy isn’t about to step aside. Haunted by painful memories of her own harrowing encounters with evil, she’s determined to keep any more innocents from meeting the fate she so narrowly escaped. Delving deep into the twisted psyche of a remorseless killer, Lucy must confront her own fears—even if it means risking a future job with the FBI and future happiness with Sean.

Night Vision by Randy Wayne White

Publishers Weekly-

In White's intelligent, fast-paced 18th Doc Ford thriller (after Deep Shadow), Doc's hipster friend, Tomlinson, persuades Doc to help an extraordinary 13-year-old girl, Tula Choimha, recently arrived at a Florida trailer park from Guatemala. Tula, who speaks with God and whose patron saint is Joan of Arc, is determined to find her mother and brother, who came to America months earlier but have disappeared. People who get to know Tula believe she is special, blessed, even a saint—except for the sleazy, steroid-infused trailer park landlord, Harris Squires. Fearful that the discovery of some human remains inside an alligator carcass will implicate him in a crime witnessed by Tula, the paranoid Harris kidnaps Tula and takes off. Doc sets out to rescue Tula, but standing in his way is a menacing gangbanger, Victorino, and Harris's vicious girlfriend, Frankie. White balances the sordid criminal activities with plenty of intriguing wildlife lore. The bond that Tula forms with her captor adds poignancy.

One Rough Man by Brad Taylor

Library Journal-

This series debut introduces Pike Logan and his clandestine band of counterterrorist government agents called the Taskforce. Operating outside the law, they don't make the headlines because they officially don't exist. Following a personal tragedy in which his wife and child are murdered, Pike is on his own, using just his wits and deadly skills against an Islamic terrorist faction that stumbles upon a deadly new bioweapon. While these are recurring themes in current action fiction, the author adds a worthy female protagonist and unique twists to the usual secret agency-versus-the-bad-guys scenario. The deadly duel between Pike and the terrorists is both cerebral and graphically violent, with a high body count.Verdict Taylor, a former Delta Force commander, brings such incredible realism and authenticity that readers feel like they are looking over the shoulders of a real antiterrorist operation. This will appeal to Brad Thor and Vince Flynn fans. —Michael Schau

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