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New from Knovel: Mining Engineering & Extractive Metallurgy- Economic Geology

Planning for Integrated Mine Closure - Toolkit
Linda Starke

From the publisher:

(This toolkit) provides practical guidance for a key challenge to mining: closing a mine in a sustainable manner. This is what ultimately defines the long-term environmental and social impact of a mine.

The toolkit is structured according to the mine life cycle, starting out with conceptual closure planning and becoming iteratively more detailed.

Industrial Minerals and Rocks - Commodities, Markets, and Uses (7th Edition)
Jessica Elzea Kogel; Nikhil C. Trivedi; James M. Barker; Stanley T. Krukowski

From the publisher:

Industrial Minerals and Rocks is divided into three parts.

•Part I—Introduction and Overview: Contains introductory chapters focused on topics broadly relevant to the industry as a whole. Much new content has been added, including stand-alone chapters on industrial minerals transportation, marketing, and due diligence.

•Part II—Commodities: Focuses on individual industrial minerals, rocks, and materials, and has been rewritten with revised and updated content.

•Part III—Markets and Uses: Includes valuable information on how industrial minerals and rocks are used in various applications, such as in construction materials, filler and extender uses, and, metallurgy.

Good Practice Guide - Indigenous Peoples and Mining
International Council on Mining and Metals

From the publisher:

The Guide highlights good practice principles, discusses the challenges in applying these principles at the operational level and provides real-world examples of how mining projects have addressed these challenges. It also explores the cost of getting it wrong.

It is not intended as a one-size-fits-all but is designed to provide useful information and direction for both companies and indigenous communities when considering issues around engagement and participation, agreements, impact management, benefits sharing and dealing with grievances.

Management of Mineral Resources - Creating Value in the Mining Business
Juan P. Camus

Product description from Amazon:

This book is concerned with the analysis of some of the internal, controllable factors that influence mining production effectiveness. It combines the best thinking in mining and management so that practitioners can devise a concrete strategy for generating maximum shareholder value. Ideas in both of these areas have rapidly evolved in recent years, and this insightful text presents an authoritative review of the current state of the art.

Human Rights in the Mining and Metals Industry - Overview, Management Approach and Issues
International Council on Mining and Metals

Aims of the product:

  • Outline the various elements of the SD Framework relating to human rights (in addition to a core set of 10 Principles, the Framework also comprises a number of ICMM Position Statements and detailed reporting and assurance requirements1);
  • Highlight key pressure points of relevance to business and human rights, as well as some relevant external tools and initiatives; and
  • Briefly document approaches to dealing with human rights issues adopted by a number of ICMM members in order to facilitate the spread of good practice.

Evaluating Mineral Projects - Applications and Misconceptions
Thomas F. Torries

From the Amazon product description:

This book explains the practical difficulties in conducting an analysis and correctly interpreting the results, as well as the use of alternative techniques. Because many existing texts do not adequately discuss the meanings and application of merit measures, such as net present value (NPV) or internal rate of return (IRR), this book represents an exciting departure from standard reference tools. Contents include: why NPV and IRR are both valid and useful merit measures the shortcomings of conventional NPV and IRR analysis the dangers of scenario analysis why conventional incremental analysis is not needed to correctly calculate IRR why the desire to achieve NPV-consistent IRR is misleading how competitive cost analysis is conducted and used why option pricing is an important addition to the evaluation process.

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